Head Full of Dreams

Into life I just been woken
With a head full, a head full of dreams

~ Coldplay

“This feels so surreal.”

These were the words Nicole said to me, last Saturday afternoon, as I drove her to the airport.  She was about to embark on her first solo trip without her family.  She was chosen to participate on an exchange with her school and was going to be traveling to England.  Undoubtedly, she was excited.  She never admitted it, but I wonder too if she was a little nervous.

“I feel like I need to ground myself so that I can enjoy this trip,” she continued.

The definition of surreal, according to the online Miriam Webster dictionary is: very strange or unusual : having the quality of a dream.

I thought briefly about what she said.  I disagreed.  Surreal yes.  Needing to feel grounded? No.

Today we hear so much about how this generation feels entitled. I explained to her that I was glad she felt it was surreal.  To me that showed that Nicole felt that this opportunity she has been given, was a privilege.  One to not be taken lightly.  Not one that was “expected”.  I explained that if she felt grounded about it, that maybe that meant that she felt entitled to be going on this trip.  That she deserved it, “just because”.

The conversation carried on and I felt a sense of relief from her.


As we checked and double checked for passports and money, the time came to say goodbye.

Talk about surreal.

I put my baby girl on a plane that was flying across the ocean to another country.  The first of what I suspect is going to a lifetime of adventure for this one.  Independent.  Not one to be held back.  Always on the go.  Has been since she was 10 months old, pushing the chair around and around the kitchen, living room and dining room.

I hope it always feels surreal to her.