So a few months ago, encouraged by a friend, I started this blog. Ok, so start might be a slight exaggeration. I did set it up though. And although I enjoy posting pictures of my food on Facebook, I was intimidated by the food blogging world. I looked around at many food blogs. You know the ones. They have beautiful pictures, so mouth watering that you could look at them all day.

Those pictures sent me running. I can only imagine how much time is spent setting up the pictures. Finding the right light. Trying to get rid of the shadows. Taking the pictures. Downloading the pictures. Editing the pictures. Uploading the pictures. All I could see in my mind was work. The idea of sharing my food and recipes all turned into work.

Coming to my blog will feel like sitting down in my kitchen and having a cup of tea. I don’t make coffee because I don’t drink it. And frankly the recipe is just too much for me. Where was I? Oh yes. Being here with me will be like getting together and sharing a love of good food that is easy to make, and maybe a story or two. A bit of gossip? Why not! I can’t forget the pictures. Yes, my pictures will be taken with my iPad, or by blackberry. They will probably be a bit grainy. Isn’t that what they call retro these days?

I had lunch today with the same friend who started me down this road. She asked me what happened. Maybe I just needed another push. So here I am.

Just like good friends, our visits (my posts) may not be as often as we like. But we will enjoy them when we can get together.

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